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TECNOLOGIA | 11/04/2013

Welcome to the Postdigital Era

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A confluence of technology forces is empowering the individual and driving profound business change

Suketu Gandhi
Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Not long ago, it was enough for restaurant chains to offer their clientele pleasant surroundings and a static menu of time-tested dishes. Like homing pigeons, customers would return again and again for a dining experience that was comfortable and familiar.

Today, technology is making many of those same customers more adventurous. Using tablet computers, they frequent restaurant review sites, food blogs and social networks to compare notes with other “foodies” and to read reviews of new restaurants, non-traditional menus and the latest culinary trends. For growing numbers of diners, decisions about what and where to eat are no longer based on the proven, but on the possible.

In turn, restaurants are deploying analytics, social and mobile tools and a host of versatile, cloud-based applications to develop a highly detailed understanding of what customers want. And they’ve built agile kitchen and service operations that can quickly adapt to evolving customer expectations.

Welcome to the postdigital era, in which technology is empowering customers and businesses like never before. According to Suketu Gandhi, a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP who specializes in technology strategy, this disruptive force is leading organizations to fundamentally rethink their strategies and business models.